Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

A member of the Swiss Prime Site AG group, Swiss Prime Site Immobilen AG is the leading listed Swiss real estate firm. Investing in land and buildings is the company’s core business.

Other activities include repositioning, development, and wholescale modernisation of districts.

Its portfolio, valued at approximately 12 billion Swiss francs, consists of high-quality properties in prime locations, generally offices and retail spaces. The Swiss Prime Site group offers a wide range of services through its companies Wincasa, Jelmoli, and Swiss Prime Site Solutions, which provide it with high added value.

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien has set itself the objective of constructing its buildings in accordance with the Swiss sustainable building standard (SNBS). As such, the façades and common areas of the building will comply with SNBS criteria. This commitment is fully in line with Switzerland’s 2050 Energy Strategy and contributes to “2000-Watt Society” goals.

As such, from its design and throughout its life cycle, Alto Pont-Rouge pays attention to social and environmental issues. These include guaranteeing the health, safety, and comfort of users, effective resource management, reducing environmental impacts, preserving natural spaces and biodiversity, enhancing the architectural qualities of Swiss cultural heritage, and promoting social cohesion and regional development.

At each stage of Alto Pont-Rouge’s development, the project team undertakes an SNBS certification process in order to obtain the “SNBS 2.0 Building Standard” issued by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

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