A sustainable building

In Geneva, Alto Pont-Rouge will be one of the first buildings to receive SNBS 2.0 certification (Swiss Sustainable Construction Standard, or Standard Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz). An initiative of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), the SNBS is part of the Federal Council’s sustainable development strategy. Issued by the Minergie association, this certification makes it possible to evaluate a building’s contribution to sustainable development.

This certification is earned after a complex, multi-stage process including all the parties involved in the project, specifically the architect brodbeck roulet, the overall contractor Implenia, the engineering offices Alterego Concept et CSD, technical contractors Weinmann-Energies and MAB-INGENIERIE , and developer Swiss Prime Site Immobilien. It is a guarantee of unparalleled quality for this sustainable, innovative, and exclusive building.

SNBS: A benchmark Swiss certification

Beyond the legally-required technical standards, several voluntary construction certifications and standards are recognised in Switzerland. For Alto Pont-Rouge, opting for SNBS certification as a benchmark was clear very early on in the project’s design.

SNBS considers the building itself, and the environment in which it is located. It ensures that the needs of society, the economy, and the environment are taken into consideration as fully and fairly as possible in its planning, construction, and operation, and requires taking a holistic view of the building’s life cycle.

This certification offers many advantages over competing certifications, namely:

  • It encompasses all the elements that make a building a sustainable project by taking into consideration three key areas – the economic, social, and environmental – from the building’s design to its operation.
  • It is adapted to Swiss legislation and standards and was launched by the Swiss Confederation (SFOE) as part of its 2050 energy strategy.
  • It is synonymous with rigour and quality, with very exacting scoring criteria at each stage of the certification process.

Once the building is opened to its users, the final score is awarded following an external audit covering 45 parameters in 12 categories that enable the attribution of the level of certification ranging from silver to platinum.

Alto Pont-Rouge: A comprehensive sustainable project

While the SNBS focuses on the environmental aspect, it was chosen because it also covers the social and economic aspects of the project and contributes to a comprehensive vision of the structure’s sustainability.

The qualities of Alto Pont-Rouge are its differentiating factor:

  • With its prime location at the heart of all forms of transport and connected to the Pont-Rouge Léman Express station, the building fits perfectly into the region’s economic fabric.
  • The shared and meeting spaces stand out in the quality of their layout and the attention to detail. The atrium is a striking and unique space. The welcoming semi-private terraces, as well as the user services offered on site round out the list of its assets.

Designed to be energy efficient, the building has a geothermal-based heating and cooling system. Combined with high-quality insulation, this system makes it a particularly environmentally-friendly building with a very low carbon footprint. The high standard of building materials, architectural integration, and the quality of its indoor air are other strengths in the project. Alto Pont-Rouge is thus emerging as one of the most modern and efficient projects in the canton.

More information about the SNBS label (in French)

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