Alto Pont-Rouge welcomes a Geneva-based firm.

   | 12.12.2023

A notarial office will open its doors at Alto Pont-Rouge before the summer of 2024, spanning nearly 400m2. Richard Rodriguez, Vice President of the Swiss Federation of Notaries (FSN) and founder of the Rodriguez, Notary & Clerks firm, explains this decision.


I had the privilege of notarizing the deed of sale for the Alto building, and then the pleasure of visiting it during construction. I am very happy to be able to settle in today in this exceptional place.

When considering this search for premises, what were your primary expectations?

Good vibes 😉

We were seeking dynamic, modern, and welcoming premises, with complete freedom for layout and a strong environmental consciousness. Proximity to transportation and parking was also a key factor.

We fully embrace the values of the Pont-Rouge neighborhood. It's a dynamic and innovative place that aligns well with our DNA.

We practice home office to offer more flexibility and comfort to our employees. However, this hasn't affected the number of workstations or the office layout.

How do your employees perceive this new, entirely imagined workplace?

Everyone is very excited and eager to move into these new premises.

Initially, the lack of parking spaces for employees was concerning, but everyone realized that they would save time by using public transportation.

Moreover, when the opportunity to relocate arose, the decision was made very quickly. We thank the BERIC Group for envisioning and designing an original and efficient workspace in record time. Plan


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