Alto Pont-Rouge

The PAV: Geneva's future city-centre

With a wide range of spaces for offices, shops, services, restaurants, and cafés, Pont-Rouge is the new business district in Geneva. Located in the heart of the Praille-Acacias-Vernets (PAV) neighbourhood, it is home to several renowned companies, including KPMG, EY, Crédit Agricole-next bank, and Swisscom. Pictet bank will also be moving into the neighbourhood by 2025, in a tower that will be almost 90 metres high and accommodate 2,500 people. Housing is also planned in the area.

Like the Prime Tower in Zurich, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is building Alto Pont-Rouge, an elegant building geared towards companies and businesses. From the summer of 2023 onwards, companies and businesses will be able to move into high-quality, modular, and bright spaces.

Designed by brodbeck roulet architectes associés, Alto is in keeping with the Pont-Rouge neighbourhood’s architectural style. It differs widely, however, thanks to a reinterpretation of the façades which allow for ample natural light to flood the spaces. A central atrium – a grand and unique space – double-height floors, and special attention paid to the quality of the finishings used give it a striking character.

Its access to public transport and soft mobility puts it squarely at the heart of a vast, ultra-connected network. Moving into Alto Pont-Rouge means choosing a signature building in the heart of Geneva’s most accessible district.

Lancy Pont-Rouge: A place to live, too

Built close to the business centre, the new Adret Pont-Rouge neighbourhood is also an absolutely prime location. Large areas are reserved for green spaces and relaxation, with a large central park and promenade linking Tivoli and le Bachet and going via Surville and Pont-Rouge.

Phase One of the programme (100 “PPE”, or condominium, flats – all sold) has provided residents with new commercial and restaurant options. This major residential project will offer a total of 15 buildings with 640 flats housing about 1,800 residents, spread across 6 hectares and 3 municipalities (Lancy, Carouge, and Geneva).

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  • 2019

    building and demolition permit

  • 2020-21

    laying the first stone, earthworks and foundations

  • 2021-22

    construction, equipment and facilities

  • Summer 2023

    delivery of Alto Pont-Rouge

Alto Pont-Rouge, a building at the heart of all mobility.

Alto Pont-Rouge has no equivalent in Geneva in terms of accessibility and mobility. Our tool allows you to calculate your travel time to Alto.

Average travel time

Lancy-Pont-Rouge from: Car Bus/Tram Train/Léman Express Bicycle
Annecy 45 min 1h 72 min 2h20
Bellegarde 40 min - 28 min -
Coppet 28 min - 35 min 1h00
Evian-les-bains 1h10 - 1h -
Airport 10 min 30 min 12 min 23 min
City centre 10 min 16 min - 15 min
Cornavin station 13 min 17 min 5 min 16 min
Lausanne 50 min - 51 min -
St-Gervais-Les-Bains Le-Fayet 1h40 - 1h48 -
Saint-Maurice 1h30 - 1h42 -
Zurich 3h10 - 2h50 -

A member of the Swiss Prime Site AG group, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG is the leading listed Swiss real estate firm. Investing in land and buildings in prime locations is the company’s core business.

Other activities include repositioning, development, and wholescale modernisation of districts.

Its portfolio, valued at approximately 13.1 billion Swiss francs, consists of high-quality properties, generally offices and retail spaces. The Swiss Prime Site group offers a wide range of services through its companies Wincasa, Jelmoli, and Swiss Prime Site Solutions, which provide it with high added value.

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