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In addition to its benefits for commuters, the Léman Express rail network is revitalising urban development around its stations. These large stations constitute new hubs for commercial, cultural, and leisure activities that will benefit future occupants of the Alto Pont-Rouge building.

With 16,000 users from 2019 and 27,000 by 2023, the Lancy-Pont-Rouge station is destined to become the western gateway to the future Étoile district.

By 2030, it will consist of a central square, four large islets, and three high-rise towers. With 1,500 residential apartments, a new courthouse, as well as a range of amenities, shops, and restaurants, this will be a diverse and vibrant district, day and night. Its large public spaces, environmentally friendly transport network, and two small rivers, the Aïre and the Drize —formerly covered, now above ground once more — will make Étoile a place to stroll around and unwind in the shade of the trees.

From 2022-23, when the district surrounding the Lancy-Pont-Rouge station will be completed, Alto will benefit from the vibrancy of the area, which will include local shops, restaurants, cafés, public amenities, and leisure facilities. The prestigious firms already established and working in the neighbouring buildings were convinced by the attractiveness of the area.

Mobilité - Plan de Genève

Lancy-Pont-Rouge to: Car Bus/Tram Train/Léman Express Bicycle
Annecy 45 min 1h 72 min 41 min
Bellegarde 40 min - 28 min -
Coppet 30 min - 35 min 1h00
Evian-les-bains 1h10 - 1h -
Aéroport 10 min 30 min 18 min 23 min
Centre-ville 10 min 16 min - 15 min
Gare de Cornavin 13 min 17 min 5 min 16 min
Lausanne 50 min - 51 min -
St-Gervais-Les-Bains Le-Fayet 1h40 - 1h48 -
Saint-Maurice 1h30 - 1h42 -
Zurich 3h10 - 2h50 -

With direct access to the Léman Express cross-border rail network and the motorway, Alto Pont-Rouge will be unrivalled in Geneva in terms of accessibility and transport options. The Lancy-Pont-Rouge railway station, which entered service in late 2017, is undoubtedly the site’s greatest asset, allowing Alto commuters to shave precious minutes off their travel time. Six trains per hour connect the station to the rest of the network, including four Léman Express and two RegioExpress trains.

The Léman Express rail network stretches over 230 kilometres, serving 45 stations in the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Vaud, the French departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie, as well as the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. From Monday to Friday, RegioExpress trains run every half hour between Saint-Maurice, Lausanne, Geneva, and Annemasse. Trains connecting Coppet to Annemasse run every fifteen minutes. To the south, Annecy and St-Gervais-les Bains-Le-Fayet are served by a rail link with two departures per hour, as are La Plaine and Bellegarde to the west and Évian-les-Bains to the north-east.

The Lancy-Pont-Rouge station is a regional transport hub. It is the connection point for many bus routes and the no. 15 tram line, which serve the various districts of the Canton of Geneva. Dedicated bicycle paths and parking spaces also promote environmentally friendly transport. Extremely accessible by public transport and bicycle as well as centrally located in the Geneva of tomorrow, Alto Pont-Rouge is a strategic address for company offices.

Located at the exit of Geneva’s bypass motorway, Alto Pont-Rouge also has three underground parking levels, the second and third reserved for the building’s users. Furthermore, the adjoining Étoile park- and-ride facility offers fare subscriptions, including a parking space coupled with a travel pass for Geneva’s public transport system.